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Triple H on Seth Rollins: He's always been the brains of the operation

In written form:

"What I said was this would be over with The Shield when The Shield were no more. Guess what? I won. I always win.

"To me, Seth Rollins has always been the brains of the operation, Cole. Do you think those guys just ran out there and did what they did not on a... somebody was 'The Architect', somebody was the brains, and it's always been Seth Rollins from day one.

"You want to know why Seth Rollins did what he did, ask Seth Rollins. I don't control him. He's not here right now, that's fine. You want to know where he's going to be, I'll tell you exactly where he's going to be and then all your questions will be answered. Friday Night SmackDown, open of the show, I'll walk Seth Rollins down to the ring and Seth Rollins is going to tell the world, the entire WWE Universe, exactly what they need to hear.

"Why would I be worried about Ambrose and Reigns. I know what The Shield can do. The Shield doesn't exist anymore. Adapt or perish. Seth Rollins adapted. The Shield perished."

It still hurts.

We already know what Rollins will say on SmackDown this week, so if you want to be spoiled click here.

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