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Video: Brad Maddox alive but stuck in cave

Well, here's this.

Just under a week ago, Brad Maddox posted a video saying he was trapped in a cave and needed emergency assistance immediately. This actually caused a stir amongst some fans who wondered if there was any legitimacy to it.

You know, even though he was able to upload the video to YouTube from whatever cave he's stuck in.

Now, five days have gone by and he's back with the video you see above. Here's what he says:

"I need help. I need help. I was trying to find my way out and I fell down in front of the cave and I can't climb back up and I'm stuck here; I'm stuck right here. I just wanted to say, in case I don't get another chance because I don't think anyone is coming for me, I wanted to say thank you to anyone and everyone who's followed me through my career. Especially I wanted to say thank you to the fans because it's you guys, it's you guys... it's definitely not me, and it's not The Rock, and it's not Stone Cold, it's you guys that make this business so special. It's you guys that are so unique, so wild, and crazy. It's you guys that got me wanting to start wrestling in the first place. Because you know, The Rock, Chris Jericho, yeah, everyone notices them, but then I started to notice you guys and I wanted to interact with you guys and perform for you guys. You are what got me started training seven-and-a-half years ago and I should have found a way to say this sooner. And I know that I like to be that jerk that you see and I have fun but it's not... If someone could please tell my mom that I love her."


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