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Video: Watch this perfect reaction to Seth Rollins' heel turn

Skip to 0:23 of the above video for the reaction.

I'm not concerned with much of anything that comes before it or after it, but this live fan commentary and reaction absolutely nails the Seth Rollins' heel turn on The Shield we witnessed during Monday Night Raw last night (June 2, 2014) in Indianapolis.

Triple H, cocky as can be, remarks there's "always a Plan B". This fan's response is to wonder where Batista is and, in fairness, I had the same thought. He had quit earlier and it was generally accepted he was leaving to go promote his movie but a small end swerve bringing him back for the main event didn't seem crazy.

Then, you see the real reason this video is posted her: the real time reaction to Rollins' loading up the chair and blasting Roman Reigns in the back with it. Watching her face change from "interested" to "alarmed" to "what the fuck is he doing" to "I can't believe he did that" to just shouting "NOOOOOOO" like so many of us did is glorious.

You can ignore everything else (if you want) but that real time reaction nails the heel turn.

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