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Shawn Michaels reveals why he's staying retired from WWE (Video)

"'Taker's always told me that he always respected what I did in the ring but he just didn't like me. And I didn't particularly think he was all that either. I didn't care for him much. I was a little more, obviously, outgoing -- that's code for obnoxious. He is reserved and quiet. And I, personally, at the time, thought it was BS. You know, I mean I thought it was some kind of... the guys used to call him "Cool Hand Luke" gimmick that he put off and somehow you were supposed to be intimidated by it and everybody was and I just wasn't going to be. I think that probably rubbed him the wrong way, which it should have.

"But I'm just givig you my attitude back then. I just did not... I didn't care. And I respected him. It was just sort of this love/hate thing. He put up with me. I always thought there was a lot of balancing back and forth with Vince (McMahon) with the two of us because we were sort of... it was two different sides of the ship, we were two mainstays. But every time we got in the ring with each other it was phenomenal. And we always enjoyed that with each other.

"To have the WrestleMania 25 match and honestly sit there like two old gunslingers and think there's no better way for this to go. And being at a maturity level where we can look at each other and appreciate each other, appreciate the changes in each other, appreciate everything about this job and how long we've done it and everything we've been through. Again, sure, in a way separately, but as a company and two company figures who have been here the longest together and seen a lot come and go. It's just... it's special. That's why it's always been so easy for me to not desire to come back, to not do it again. I've never done a perfect thing, I think, in my life. But I am at least wise enough to know those things that I've done that shouldn't be messed with."

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