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JBL & Cole Show Episode 83: It's a trap!

The JBL & Cole Show (with Renee Young) is back for episode 83 and the merry band of misfits who inhabit the land are busy as can be attempting to catch The Bunny. They've done so by creating a trap that cannot possibly fail to catch said Bunny. Find out everything that happens by watching the video above or reading the text below:

- Paul Heyman comes upon a trap set for The Bunny. He wants the carrot cake for himself but can't get to it, so he snaps a picture and walks away disgusted.

- Santino Marella comes upon the trap. "This will never work," he says while swiping some frosting off the cake.

- Zeb Colter tells JBL and Renee Young the trap is set and ready to go. Big E walks up and says no one is dumb enough to fall for the trap they have set up. Zeb says things and gets everyone confused.

- Nikki Bella finds Alicia Fox mourning over her boyfriend getting out of the handcuffs they were in. Nikki tells Alicia it's not true love if she has to handcuff herself to him. She knows this because John Cena is her soulmate and she doesn't have to handcuff him. That's what makes it love. Alicia plays along with Nikki's words,then somehow manages to handcuff her to the crate she's sitting on.

- Adam Rose arrives at the trap. "Those silly nincompoops. Bunny would never fall for that."

- A referee walks up to Zack Ryder and says "what's up, buddy", so Ryder freaks out thinking he called him The Bunny. Dolph Ziggler shows up and tries to calm him down. "If it makes you feel better, I'm on my way to the Divas locker room. It's just a hop, skip, and a jump away, brother."

- Summer Rae is walking with Hornswoggle and they come across the Bunny trap. Hornswoggle believes they've caught the bull. So they lift up the trap and Clem Layfield is revealed with a face full of cake. He's afraid he's got some bad news.

- JBL tells us he gets his treasure next week.


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