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Triple H: Vickie Guerrero was the most incompetent person in WWE (Video)

They're still going in on Vickie.

"You're going to play that role? You're going to go down the 'sad moment in time' the way many of the WWE Universe are playing this out? So let me get this straight: for nine years, people hated Vickie. She was irritating, a grating voice, incompetent. Everybody knew it. Two weeks ago if she would have been fired, they would have cheered wildly. But in the last few weeks she comes at odds with my wife and she brings up the name of her late great husband Eddie Guerrero and suddenly she's worshipped. So it's a sad day for you? Did you shed a tear? Did the WWE Universe shed a tear for Vickie Guerrero? The fact is Vickie Guerrero, for nine years, was the most incompetent person in the WWE. The only reason she was still here is because of her late husband Eddie Guerrero. And now, because of the way she did business on the way out... Yes, (I mean shoving Stephanie into that muck), exactly. I hope that Vickie goes well. I hope she does well for herself. I hope she finds happiness in her future endeavors. Because, quite frankly, she's lost her opportunity here. She's lost her opportunity for a lot of things here, including severance, the opportunity to get a reference letter. You know, I'm sure Vickie has plenty of skills. What they would be I would have no idea since she can't get a simple cup of coffee. But I'm sure they will do her well out in that open job market without our support from behind. Vickie, good luck. You deserve everything you get."


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