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Bully Ray: 'I swear to god Dixie Carter is going through a table' (Video)

Still with this.

"Somehow, someway, I guarantee, I promise, I swear to god, Dixie Carter is going through a table. As much as she's hated, she needs to taste some wood."

That would be the logical finish to this storyline, though having a grown man who identifies himself as "Bully" continuously threaten a female authority figure is undoubtedly misguided and unfortunate. It's also unlikely Dixie ever does go through the table so in addition to being offensive and/or sexist to women, the story won't ever reach its climax.

Still, this is an entertaining interview with Ray, who always comes off well in settings like this. It's a long watch at 40 minutes but worth it to hear him talk about how he assists wrestlers who come to him for help in matches, the biggest problem facing TNA right now, his thoughts on a singles run in WWE, and a short clip of Ray punking out Sam Roberts at a TNA show.


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