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JBL & Cole Show Episode 82: The return of Cody Rhodes?

The JBL & Cole Show is back for episode 82 and it's a sad day because Cody Rhodes is gone, off to revitalize his career as Stardust. Or is he? Find out by watching the video above or reading everything that happens below:

- Clem Layfield gets a selfie with Kevin Hart

- Clem starts a press conference with a ridiculous story

- Dolph Ziggler runs into The Bunny, who is dancing around and listening to Zack Ryder's hit single "Hoeski"

- Clem reveals he misses his "best friend" Cody and he believes it's his fault over the tape of his conversation with Renee Young, so he plays the rest of the tape.

- Renee says that "these guys" are going into business for themselves but Clem is ordering a sub

- Goldust is still trapped with Alicia Fox, handcuffed to her

- Zeb Colter gives JBL his blueprints for taking out The Bunny

- Clem is asked how his sandwich was

- Renee Young shows up to talk with Colter and JBL but she's with Summer Rae, who reveals she's got an in with the Rosebuds

- Hornswoggle arrives with plans for taking out The Bull

- Cody Rhodes returns ... or does he?


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