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Triple H: Roman Reigns is a cancer in the WWE locker room

And Vickie Guerrero will be dealt with next Monday night on "Raw".

Triple H and Michael Cole sat down for another interview this week, as they always do on Wednesday, and addressed the latest hot topics in WWE. That includes Vickie Guerrero's incompetence and Roman Reigns' poisoning his wife in the name of the WWE world heavyweight championship.

First, his words on Vickie Guerrero:

"Am I not happy with somebody's gross incompetence? Somebody that can't even get a simple cup of coffee, right? To say I'm unhappy would be a massive understatement, Michael. That situation with be dealt with Monday."

Then, his words on Roman Reigns:

"I gave a lot of people opportunities, okay? Vickie Guerrero took it upon herself to give Roman Reigns an opportunity that I didn't want him to have. He didn't deserve it because he's a cancer in the locker room. He defies authority. You can't have that, right? But now he's taken advantage of it and he has his opportunity."

It appears Vickie will suffer for Roman's sins, which is nonsense, but that rumored Triple H vs. Roman Reigns SummerSlam match is developing right in front of our very eyes.

And it's glorious.


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