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Emma explains how she came up with her character in NXT (Video)

Current WWE Diva Emma is down in her homeland in Australia promoting WWE before it heads to the "Land Down Under" for a tour in August. Naturally, that means a ton of media, and we got our hands on an interview she did with 3AW.

It's your standard "radio host who doesn't seem to know much about the subject he's asking the celebrity about" interview, but it's worth passing along for this quote when asked how she came up with her character:

"I put Emma into every word I can basically these days. But the character was... first I picked my music, my entrance music. Then I kind of adapted the dance and my whole entrance with that and now I have bubble machines that are playing when I come out and I pop some bubbles and dance. It kind of just grew as everything came together. Obviously at the developmental school, NXT, we have coaches that help us put it all together and kind of become a character."

So Emma was born thanks to Tenille Dashwood deciding on an entrance theme and just running with it.


Special thanks to our friend Cass (@thiscassgirl) for passing this along.

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