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Video: WWE lists 5 (more) potential Paul Heyman Guys

Because Paul Heyman is a genius with a microphone and he's been attached to some of the biggest names in professional wrestling history, WWE has attempted to connect him with wrestlers it feels are on the rise. The Curtis Axel experiment failed miserably, but they learned from that and paired him with Cesaro.

Now, they're back talking about adding yet another client in the above video, likely just a fluff piece on a slow day. The list includes five (technically six) names. They are:

- Jack Swagger
- The Usos
- Summer Rae
- Big E
- Rob Van Dam

This list feels like it's missing the point. Heyman works wonders, sure, but that doesn't make him a magician. Brock Lesnar succeeded because he was given a monster push as a freak athlete with a natural charisma. His only failing was his inability to cut a decent promo and Heyman eliminated that weakness by speaking for him.

Still, he would have been big star with or without that assistance.

That's where Axel failed. Heyman was expected to create a star where one did not exist. It seems clear at this point that while Heyman can help an established star shine its brightest, he cannot create one out of thin air.

Cesaro fits the bill. No one else on that list comes anywhere close, at least not right now.

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