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Triple H on stripping Daniel Bryan of the WWE title: Fans deserve a fighting champion

On stripping Daniel Bryan of the WWE world heavyweight championship and feeling good about it:

"The excitement to be able to give the WWE Universe, the WWE fans, what they deserve and that is a fighting WWE world heavyweight champion, someone that will actually defend that title. This has been going on too long with Daniel Bryan, this whole 'can he, can't he' decision. We've finally had a definite course of action, a definite plan. Daniel Bryan is not what many people think he is, and he is no longer the WWE world heavyweight champion because, quite frankly, he cannot physically defend that championship. So we were excited, yes, we were excited to announce to the world that they would get what they deserved. They would get a Money in the Bank ladder match to determine the new WWE world heavyweight champion."

On how Bryan's injury is different than him tearing his quad in 2001:

"How is this different? I wasn't the WWE world heavyweight champion when I tore my quad and if I was, I would have been man enough to hand over the championship belt. I would have been man enough to walk away and say 'when I come back it's on me, it's on me and my ability -- me, on me -- to come back and reclaim what is mine, which is exactly what I did if you remember correctly. I came back, I won the Royal Rumble, and I became the Undisputed WWE world heavyweight champion at WrestleMania that year. Daniel wants to do that, go right ahead and try."

On whether or not Bryan will get the chance to win back the title once he returns from injury:

"Depends on the situation at the time. If, if, when, possibly, if he does, possibly, could he, maybe, if he will... that's a lot of 'if's'. I can't predict the future. If Daniel Bryan can return then yes, I would consider him for an opportunity to become WWE world heavyweight champion again. But it would depend on the circumstances. If somebody else is the qualified number one contender at that time then how is it fair to move Daniel Bryan ahead of them. It's about what's fair and what is right, and it's about what's best for business."

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