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Last week, U.S. Marine Corps veteran Lance Corporal Jeffrey DeYoung was reunited with his service dog from Afghanistan. The pair served for two years together, discovering improvised explosive devices (IEDs) planted by the enemies to kill United States troops and their allies.

DeYoung has been retired since 2013, and coping with post-traumatic stress disorder while transitioning to civilian life in Michigan with his wife and two young daughters. When he learned that his old partner was also retiring due to a hip injury, he worked with the American Human Association and Mission K9 Rescue to adopt the dog - an animal he carried across rivers, was kept warm by on cold desert nights, covered from Taliban fire and credits with allowing him to keep going when seven of his friends were killed in three weeks.

"Because of you, I got to have them," DeYoung told the dog as his two young daughters met his old partner for the first time.

The dog's name?


In addition to moving merchandise by the truckload and leading the universe in granting wishes to terminally ill children, the military has named a service animal who is estimated to have saved 150 to 200 lives after him.

He's never turning heel y'all.

(In all seriousness, this is a great story and we don't mean to diminish it in any way by tying it to a semi-humorous observation about a pro wrestling character. Good job to all involved in reuniting the pair, and best of luck to Lance Cpl. DeYoung and Cena - we thank them for their service)

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