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Sup, mom? Ethan Carter 3 wants your mother to sleep with his shirt on

TNA is running its annual Mother's Day sale at and the way the company has decided to pitch its products to you is for Ethan Carter 3 to hit on your mom. That's what I'm getting from the above video.

Here's the text:

"Oh, hello. I'm Ethan Carter the third, EC3, and I love mothers. And you know what? Mothers, they love me. And for that reason we are giving 20-percent off at throughout the month of May. That's right, 20-percent off all purchases at through this month. Think about it: your mother buying my shirt and sleeping in it. Sup, mom? Sup?"

This man might actually be creepier than Willow, and definitely not as good a salesman. After all, he doesn't tell us whether or not buying anything at is better than owning a plastic skeleton.

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