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Video: Zack Ryder has a lot of thinking to do, THE BIG GUY is out (ha ha)

The "Raw Fallout" videos WWE uploads to YouTube are mostly useless, 3-to-4 minute clips of interviews with wrestlers you probably don't care to hear from or about.

But sometimes they get it right.

Take the video you see above, the "Raw Fallout" from last night's (May 5, 2014) episode that features various losers from the battle royal discussing the match. They're all worth listening to but Zack Ryder and THE BIG GUY are of particular interest.


"Winning the United States championship was a year long journey. I started the year as a nobody, I started Z True Long Island Story and a year later I was the United States champion. Tonight, I was thrown out quick. I didn't just let myself down, I let my Zack Pack down; I let everyone down. I've got a lot of thinking to do. This is a joke."

This man is in a perpetual state of needing to think about his career because WWE creative has nothing for him now and maybe not until his contract runs out. So he has to cut the same basic promo every time they stick a microphone in front of his face.


THE BIG GUY, meanwhile, is just entertaining despite his status as a singles jobber and moderately successful tag wrestler.

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