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Video: The latest JBL & Cole Show is 'The Most Random Episode Ever'

The latest episode of The JBL & Cole Show is now available for your viewing pleasure and it's entitled "The Most Random Episode Ever". Let's break down all the little tidbits from the always entertaining group of misfits who make their way onto this program each week.

- Alicia Fox appears, is scared to death by Goldust acting weird, then decides she likes Goldust so she acts weird in return, and Goldust doesn't like it.

- Zeb Colter runs into JBL and wonders if Stephanie McMahon is finally gone from their conversation when she interrupted the two. It should be noted that conversation happened weeks ago.

- Colter and JBL want to get rid of The Bunny and Brad Maddox appears as if from nowhere to offer his very special skills. However, he doesn't work for free, so the offer is: Maddox gets rid of The Bunny, JBL and Colter help him find a job. Because he's -- sniff -- looking for a job now.

- Goldust still can't get away from Alicia Fox, who now believes Goldust "gets" her.

- Dolph Ziggler, while talking on his cell phone with "Britney", runs into Zack Ryder as he's getting off the Exotic Express. Ryder says it's not what it looks like. He was only in there for the "hot girls" and the "carrots", which are really good for his eyes after a botched lasik surgery.

- Goldust calls Alicia crazy and begs her not to hurt him.

- Cody Rhodes and Bad News Barrett are hanging out and are both "super duper" busy. They forget their part while wondering aloud on the whereabouts of Sami Zayn.

- Zayn, by the way, has no time for questions. He's working a Johnny Manziel gimmick with the dollar bills finger schtick. Barrett wonders if he's a millionaire or something.

- Emma shows up from behind Barrett and asks if they heard what Renee Young said about them. Cody and Barrett deliver their lines, with Cody feeling particularly proud of himself.

- It's revealed Renee double crossed Cody and Barrett, calling them "garbage men". Clem wonders if the guys got new jobs and what city they're working in.

- Cody and Barrett can't believe it and they'll deal with it next week ... DUN DUN DUN...

- Alicia Fox informs Goldust he's stuck and he has to like her now. He screams for help.

This is the best show.

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