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Video: Batista and the no good very bad Royal Rumble

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What you see above is a short video (via preview of Batista's upcoming DVD release "The Animal - Unleashed". In it, we see that while the Royal Rumble was a disastrous event for him in the ring -- that crowd in Pittsburgh destroyed him once it became clear Daniel Bryan wasn't showing up -- it was just as bad for him backstage.

- He couldn't get his trunks right because he was self conscious, so they were made at the last minute.

- He was wearing new boots and the zipper broke, so he had to get that fixed while the Rumble was going down and his number was close to being called.

- He never got the chance to really warm up before heading out for the match because of all this.

- To top it all off, he couldn't find the Gorilla position.

What a no good very bad day he had, huh? Perhaps this little peek behind the curtain changes your mind on his early run back with WWE? Or have you already forgotten about it in favor of his grand work as a heel of late?