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Damien Sandow's latest character: White rapper (Video)

Just one week ago, prompted by his work as both Magneto and Sherlock Holmes, I dubbed Damien Sandow the best character actor in WWE. Really, he's the only character actor in WWE but that's fine because he's exceedingly good at it.

Thankfully, WWE continued running the with concept and last night's (Tues., May 27, 2014) episode of Main Event in Atlanta saw his latest work: White rapper. His name? D-Sizzle.

Above is the video of his appearance from the WWE YouTube channel but unfortunately it cuts off his pre-match rap. Here are the lyrics:

I roll with the sinners but I'm praised like a saint
And when that bell rings I go hard in the paint
When fools try to step I start tossing
My teeth are clean but I still be flossing

You're about to run up and get done up
Thuggish living until the end, tell a friend

Here's to hoping WWE continues the streak and Sandow finds another character to masterfully play next week.

For complete results and the live blog from Main Event click here.

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