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Triple H is a Boliever (Video)

From his weekly interview with

"Everybody is turning into Bolievers it seems like. Bo Dallas makes his long awaited debut on SmackDown. Bo Dallas, for anybody that doesn't know, is the longest reigning NXT champion in history; an accomplished career. He's finally getting his opportunity at the big time on the main roster of WWE. He debuts on SmackDown this Friday. It's going to be really interesting to see how he does. But I strongly believe that he's going to make a lot of people Bolievers."

I guess WWE is now ignoring that call up at the Royal Rumble last year when he eliminated Wade Barrett and worked a brief feud with him before heading back down to developmental. In fairness, he's working a different gimmick, one he's mastered. There are still questions to be answered regarding whether or not he'll connect with the so-called WWE Universe, but there's no better time to find out than now to find out.

Are you ready to Bolieve, Cagesiders?

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