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JBL & Cole Show episode 75: The Search for Wolverine (Video)

The latest episode of the JBL & Cole Show is here and this one features Cody Rhodes and Bad News Barrett on the search for Wolverine -- well, they're actually looking for Hugh Jackman because he knows Wolverine -- in their quest to get back at JBL and Michael Cole for conspiring against them.

Meanwhile, JBL runs into Billy Kidman and we take a trip down memory lane back to a time when Kidman was consistently botching his shooting star press, including the time he knocked out Chavo Guerrero.

Clem learns Rule 36 in JBL's book: Don't get caught with your pants down ... literally.

Back with Rhodes and Barrett and Magneto arrives as if from nowhere. Then, just as suddenly, he disappears. Once Cody finally convinces his cohort to don the Wolverine mask, they barge into Hugh Jackman's dressing room only to find


RENEE YOUNG, who is also wearing a Wolverine mask.

Dear god, what can this mean?


As an aside, Cody tweeted about this show earlier:

He's referring to early on in the video when he calls Santino Marella a "mark".

Still, this is the best show WWE produces each week.

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