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Daniel Bryan: I'm not opposed to WWE stripping me of the title and me having to fight for it again

Although tonight's (May 19, 2014) episode of Monday Night Raw is already in the can from the O2 Arena in London, England (read spoilers here) and the fate of the WWE world heavyweight title is already known (find out about that here), this video, released by WWE earlier today, is worth a watch.

In it, Daniel Bryan watches and reacts to this interview from Triple H where he's derided for once again being a "B+ player" thanks to his needing neck surgery.

Bryan's response:

"Triple H saying that me needing surgery doesn't make me an 'A+ player'... that's a lot of crap. I've been wrestling for 15 years; this is my first surgery. I've been wrestling all around the globe in a style that Triple H could never do. There's never a good time to get injured. Conveniently enough for Triple H, he can blame this all on me and just sprout his propaganda. 'Oh, Daniel Bryan, he's not... he doesn't deserve to be in this spot'. You fight through adversity and overcome it. That's what builds real inner strength. I have no control over what decision they make as far as what happens with the WWE championship. I'm not opposed to them taking it away and me having to fight for it again. We need to give the WWE Universe what they deserve, which is a true WWE world heavyweight champion."

This story isn't ending yet, folks, no matter the decision WWE makes on the title.


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