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The latest JBL & Cole Show tries to help get Adam Rose over, is great anyway

Despite the fact that some of this show is dedicated to trying to help get this Adam Rose character over, the latest episode of The JBL & Cole Show is worth your time nonetheless. That should go without saying at this point, but the fact that this short weekly program manages to do so many little things so very, very well so consistently over such a long period of time astounds me. This is a WWE program we're talking about here.

The Renee Young open is perfect, and her amazement at Stephanie McMahon thinking highly of her is so very endearing. Nikki Bella completely ignoring JBL in favor of a human bunny is just about right. Cody Rhodes being enamored with his hood. Bad News Barrett pushing his new t-shirt. Dolph Ziggler trying hard not to break character in the background. Hacksaw Jim Duggan showing up and the brilliance of continuity. Rhodes stepping to Hacksaw and Duggan's confusion over it. The Renee Young ending is perfect.

Oh, and EMMA!


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