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Video: The top 7 moves of Seth Rollins, 'The Architect' of The Shield

Dean Ambrose may have the best promos and Roman Reigns might be the most physically imposing but there's little arguing that Seth Rollins is far and away the best wrestler within The Shield. WWE seems to acknowledge as much with the above video showcasing his top 7 moves.

In the order they appear:

1. Skywalker
2. Reverse STO into turnbuckles
3. Standing Shooting Star Press
4. Flip dive
5. Turnbuckle powerbomb
6. Diving knee strike
7. Peace of Mind

The video is accompanied by an article at with quotes from Rollins on each move. It's definitely worth the read and you can find it by clicking here.

Here's an excerpt with what he had to say about his finisher, the Peace of Mind:

Dubbed "Blackout" when he used it in NXT, the move - a crushing, leaping stomp to the head - has been an arrow in his quiver for years. It wasn't always the crescendo.

"I used it as a setup move for a while," Rollins said, "but then one day I was at a Live Event and [WWE producer] Jamie Noble saw the move and said, ‘Man, kiddo, why ain't that your finisher? That should be your finisher!' And I was like, ‘OK, cool, no one else is going to do it, so that's it. I'm just going to smash people's faces into the mat and that it'll be it, easy.'"

Go read more and get enlightened.

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