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Triple H's kayfabe response to Daniel Bryan's injury is perfect (VIDEO)

As noted here and here, Daniel Bryan has a neck injury and he will be getting surgery for it tomorrow (Thurs., May 15, 2014) to repair the damage. There's a great deal of uncertainty surrounding his long-term status, which means something has to be done about the WWE world heavyweight title.

We'll find out the ultimate decision next Monday on Raw, influenced heavily by the report from doctors after the surgery tomorrow.

With all that said, Triple H did his sit down interview with Michael Cole this week and he gave his response to all this, starting with whether or not Bryan will be stripped of the belt:

"I think that remains to be seen, Cole. Right now there's nothing definitive, everybody just... we know what Daniel Bryan knows which is on Thursday, tomorrow, he's having surgery with Dr. Joe Maroon in Pittsburgh. We'll know more after that and I think that it's probably Monday night we'll have some type of definitive decision on the matter once we know all the facts.

"But, you know, this is, to me, symptomatic of what we've been talking about for a long time now, probably a year or maybe more. It's one thing to be an "A+ player" on one night; it's one thing to be an "A+ player" here or there; it's one thing to rise to the occasion on a special event; it's another thing to be "A+" day in and day out; to be able to withstand the wear and tear of being not only a WWE superstar but of being the WWE world heavyweight champion. Daniel Bryan has had that championship for how long now, a little over a month? Already, it's taken its toll; already, going under the knife. Is this the kind of rigors that a little "B+ player" like Daniel Bryan can withstand for any long period of time? Can he withstand a 300-pound DEMON KANE breathing down his neck everyday? Because when you're the WWE world heavyweight champion, you have a giant target on your back. And Daniel Bryan has that target now and it's a different story. I, personally, find it ironic that the guy that talked about being the little engine that could and overcoming all obstacles is now going to his doctor to get a doctor's note to say that he can't face the monster anymore."

That's good heeling.

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