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Video: Mick Foley joins The Force ... for an interview about independent wrestling

Jeff Jarrett is currently heavily hyping his newest promotion, Global Force Wrestling, while he scours the planet for all the top talent on the independent pro wrestling scene. Along the way, a camera crew caught up with Mick Foley for an interview to get his take on the independent scene.

Foley admits to being embarrassed that he doesn't know who Kevin Steen is, a Ring of Honor mainstay who has had tryouts with WWE but failed to catch on in the so called "big leagues".

The same goes for Colt Cabana, an interesting case as far as the Hardcore legend is concerned because Cabana has a unique ability to get over in front of whatever crowd he's working yet still hasn't caught on in a major promotion.

If Jarrett has his way, perhaps that could change soon with GFW.

In the meantime, we'll wait for part two of Foley's interview.

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