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CM Punk Slam City cartoon video released by WWE

CM Punk may be in the process of trying to reinsert himself into society as a normal human being -- who sometimes gets to do cool things like sing during the 7th inning stretch at Chicago Cubs games -- but WWE is still releasing product using his name.

Such was the case earlier today with the debut of his Slam City cartoon. This was created before Punk walked out on the company back in January and the decision was made to go ahead with airing it.

Now it's here.

And it's not that good.

Or, rather, it's not as good as others have been, such as John Cena's or Mark Henry's. In this one, Punk is running an ice cream stand with his cow, who has the best milk in the world, when The Miz comes along. Punk ruins his suit, so Miz gets upset, and they brawl back-and-forth until Punk gets the better of it, turning Miz into a living ice cream cone before feeding him to the cow.

Your thoughts, Cagesiders?

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