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Video: Sheamus is incredibly likable in this interview

Before Monday Night Raw this week, Sheamus sat down with Pat Imig and Larry Nickel on CBS Sports 920AM for an interview on The People's Show to talk about a variety of topics. It runs 27 minutes but Sheamus comes off incredibly well here.


- He faced resentment from the locker room when the decision was made to put the WWE title on him shortly into his main roster run back in 2009. Ultimately, he decided he was there to be successful, not make friends.

- He thinks WWE has dropped the ball with Wade Barrett dating back to the Nexus days. He also shares the opinion of fans everywhere that the Corre was an awful stable.

- His experiences with Vince McMahon have led him to think of Vince has a "very quiet" guy. My oh my how things change, huh?

- He doesn't seem to be crazy about his entrance music. He says he enjoys it well enough but feels like they could come up with something for him that would better identify him.

- Nancy Grace comes up and he says he's never been a fan and didn't watch the show she did on Ultimate Warrior because he knows her and she's awful. "I don't think she even has a soul. ... It's garbage. Her show is garbage. ... I feel like she's playing a character."

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