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Total Divas season 2 episode 6 full video playlist: Chickens, Fights, Cats, Oh My!

If you didn't see episode six of season two of "Total Divas", you can watch a full playlist right here, featuring chickens, and fighting, and cats, and dear god are they stretching for storylines.

If you missed last night's (Sun., April 27, 2014) season two, episode six of Total Divas on the E! channel, you can catch up on everything you missed by checking out the full video playlist above. Here is what's included:

- Natalya shows off her "Flex" spread

In which Natalya gleefully tells the girls she has a spread in the newest edition of "Flex" magazine.

- Natalya meets the WWE Universe

In which Natalya meets with fans, some of whom may be a little too adoring.

- Natalya's neighbor calls with disturbing news

In which Natalya, while out of town, receives a call from her neighbor about Nattie's house sitter, Cameron, wreaking havoc.

- The Bella Twins visit a chicken farm

In which Brie takes Nikki to see some happy chickens.

- Cameron and her crew find Natalya's cat

In which the lost kitten, Louie, is found.

- Natalya and Tyson Kidd resolve their issues

In which the married couple work things out after fighting all episode about money and family.

- After Total Divas

In which Renee Young and Alicia Fox break down the episode with a guest appearance from Natalya.

Not included in the playlist that were major plot points during the show: Cameron absolutely terrorizing Natalya's house before losing her cat, Natalya and TJ fighting like the old married couple they are, Vincent being Vincent, and Brie Bell giving Nikki Bella an eating disorder -- and almost doing the same to Heath Slater! Okay, maybe it wasn't that bad, but Brie is passionate about only eating chickens that were slaughtered after happy lives instead of sad ones.

That was the show, folks.

Girl, bye.

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