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Video: TNA Sacrifice 2014 'Before the Bell' special

So this is really well put together.

TNA does a lot of things wrong, and many mistakes have been made throughout the years. Hell, there have been many mistakes made in the past month, namely the idea of completely ripping off a WWE storyline by rushing to put the heavyweight title on Eric Young in exactly the same way WWE put its world title(s) on Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 30.

Then, Dixie Carter embarrassed herself by cutting the most ridiculous promo you'll see claiming it was WWE who was somehow ripping TNA off.

Through it all, Young has stood as the talented wrestler who has been a joke character for most of his career booked into taking this leap to a position he probably shouldn't be in, at least not according to the stories we've been told over the years.

But you know what? He's doing one hell of a job with it.

The rumor mill tells us TNA is doing its best to make Young into a credible champion with a legitimately compelling underdog backstory. The video above, the Before the Bell special for TNA Sacrifice where Young will defend the title against Magnus, supports that. What's more, it does a great job of getting that across.

Dare I say, this is masterful work.

Your thoughts on it, Cagesiders?

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