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Video: Triple H on WrestleMania 30, Daniel Bryan, Monster Kane, The Shield

He's back talking to Michael Cole!

On WrestleMania 30:

"WrestleMania 30 needed to be the epic event that 30 years of WrestleMania dictated and I think the WWE delivered on every single level possible."

On Daniel Bryan:

"Success is judged on many levels, isn't it? A lot of people will look at that as Daniel Bryan just had the biggest fluke win of his life. Other people will look at it and say Daniel Bryan has proved to the world that he is everything that he says he is and that's an "A+" player. Well, if Daniel Bryan wants to be treated as an "A+" player, he's going to get his wish."

On Stephanie McMahon turning Kane:

"Stephanie is a tremendous motivator when it comes to talent. Does she know what she's doing? Let me put it to you this way, Cole: sometimes the best way to control an inferno is to just let it burn everything in its path."

On The Shield:

"I don't know so much about (a world war starting). Look at it this way, Cole: It's inevitable sometimes when you give somebody that much power, when you give them that much to hang their hat on, that they start to become full of themselves. The Shield had a tremendous run. Who didn't they put down in the WWE over the course of the last year? They start to feel that power and they want to test that power out. Unfortunately for them, they crossed a line and they found out what real power -- real power, not something given, not something people love you for, hate you for, just power that just is, Cole -- they found out what true power is and they were humbled by it. That would be the term that I would think would stick out the most, and should for everybody, is the term humbled. I am going to put it to The Shield that this doesn't have to go any further than it has. I want it to be known that I'm merciful, that I'm forgiving, that I'm all those things and I will do what's best for business every time. I'm willing to forget this and put it off as them spreading their wings and trying to see what they can do. Putting their hands on me, I'm willing to forget all of that. If they want to come back, groveling at my feet and say that they are sorry, apologize to me for crossing a line, then all of this can be forgiven. We can move on and business as usual. I will give them to Friday. At SmackDown, I will address the situation and if they haven't come back to me by then then the story will have a different ending."

On Evolution:

"It's about power. You want to know why? To prove a point."

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