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Fandango's new dance partner: Layla, who smells like Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Summer is out, Layla is in, and she smells delicious, apparently.

We've been covering the break up of Fandango and Summer Rae extensively here at Cageside Seats so we have to follow up with the introduction of Fandango's new dance partner -- and apparently his new lady -- Layla.

The video is above, the text is below:

"Hey, hey, hey. I know I said ladies but what I meant is lady. The lady. M'lady. Ladies and gentlemen... Layla. She smells like Cinnamon ... Toast Crunch. Excuse me, we have late night reservations."

So that's the highlight of everything. That one line. Glorious.

Meanwhile, back on Twitter, Summer Rae lost it again.

Fandango with the delightful troll job:

Summer's response:

Layla gets in on the fun:

And Summer's parting shot:

Almost sad this has to end, Cagesiders. Aren't you?

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