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Video: The verdict is in on the JBL & Cole Show!

This is way too good.

Cody Rhodes is freed!

The latest episode of the JBL & Cole Show features the verdict coming in at We The People's Court presided over by the honorable Judge Zeb Colter. But not before a cameo appearance from Stone Cold Steve Austin, who, as we learn here, will suddenly appear if glass shatters.

Thanks to an assist from his smoking (Billy) Gunn, and though Total Divas interrupted while filming nearby, the verdict came down in Cody's favor.

Free at last.

I laughed way too hard at the ending sequence. Bad News Barrett trying and failing to corral Cody as he repeatedly leaves the car to celebrate with fans is an easy bit but they pull it off well.

Why, again, is this not a 30 minute program on the WWE Network?

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