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Follow along as Ethan Carter 3 and Rockstar Spud attempt to hunt down Willow in his own backyard.

Tonight's (Thurs., Mar. 27, 2014) episode of TNA Impact featured footage of Ethan Carter 3 and Rockstar Spud going on a HUNT FOR WILLOW after the artist formerly known (or maybe also known?) as Jeff Hardy savagely attacked them in recent weeks.

You can watch the videos in the playlist above and read everything that happened below:

- Part one

In which Spud crawls on his belly and Carter admonishes him for it before exclaiming he "hates nature".

- Part two

In which Spud doesn't like what they're doing, describing it as a "suicide mission" while Carter maintains they're there to get revenge for what Willow did to their legs. They're getting closer.

- Part three

In which Spud complains more about his bum leg and Carter again admonishes him for whining so much and it only being noon.

- Part four

In which they stumble across a barn and Spud refuses to participate in "operation: human shield". Carter goes in despite Spud's fearful protests. EC3 makes like he's getting attacked but he's only kidding, of course. Classic EC3. Carter cases the barn and doesn't notice Willow kidnapping Spud. He finally does notice and investigates meagerly only to hear Willow laughing off in the distance.

- Part five

In which EC3 finds a cabin and after walking through it, comes across Spud tied up on a bed next to a plastic skeleton. Remember, though, it's way better to own a Willow t-shirt. Carter goes to free Spud but starts hearing things and gets caught up in his search again. Willow magically appears behind him, gets his attention with a plastic skeleton hand, and beats him up with an umbrella before disappearing again. EC3 is pissed and vows to play games.

You Cagesiders absolutely loved this, right?

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