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Willow sells t-shirt, apparently dies in amazing video

This is a real thing that exists in real life.

Fair warning, Cagesiders, this weird ass video might be the most amazing thing you'll ever see.

First things first, though. TNA has released a new Willow t-shirt.

Here it is:


Considering the character, that's actually not an offensive shirt. It could have been much worse, right?

Then we get to this, a video of Willow himself selling that very shirt:




Here's what he said, for those who don't speak "masked umbrella man":

"The matches will improve when the possession is complete. Until then and beyond it's a collectors dream. Own the first ever Willow t-shirt available now at It's way better than owning a plastic skeleton."


I have no idea what this means, or why there's a plastic skeleton hanging around, or why Willow apparently just died at the end of the video.

Anyway, if you want to actually do as Willow would like and buy a shirt, as opposed to that plastic skeleton, head on over to by clicking here.

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