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Video: Brie Bella is charming in awesome interview

This is great and worth watching all the way through.

There was a time when the Bella twins as a team were damn near unbearable, in part because they were heel women working in WWE and in part because, well, we only had that information to go on. Now, though, Total Divas is into its second season and their working babyface on television.

We posted part of the above interview earlier (here), but it's worth watching in full because, and maybe it's just me, but Brie Bella is incredibly charming all throughout. That's not to sell Nikki short but Brie comes off as such an affable, easy-going person.

Beyond that, there are some interesting tidbits, including Daniel Bryan, Brie's fiance, giving her tips on her pro wrestling and being a coach for both Bella twins. That helps explain the vast improvement in their workrate over the past year or so.

And for you gossip hounds, apparently Nikki dated a certain wrestler before she got with John Cena and remains friends with said wrestler to this day. I'm sure you can guess who it is but watch the video to find out, if you didn't know already.

There's also plenty of talk about their significant others, future plans, the differences between them, and more. It's an enjoyable interview, so enjoy!

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