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The Bella Twins get the CM Punk question and handle it perfectly

Nikki and Brie are some smooth operators.

Because Brie and Nikki Bella are dating Daniel Bryan and John Cena, respectively, they get questions not only about themselves but about their significant others. And because CM Punk leaving WWE is still a big story that hasn't had much resolution, questions are still being asked of top stars within the company or, by extension, their girlfriends.

Sam Roberts takes the approach of asking the Bella twins if they liked the idea of Punk leaving because it would create more opportunities for Cena and Bryan.

First Brie:

"To be honest, I felt Daniel Bryan has been in a great spot. Punk leaving and whatever the details are we don't know. But I think Bryan was in a really great spot and he was getting his way there. So I never thought anything of it."

Then Nikki:

"You know, John's been the face of the company for a long time. He's always been in a great spot. If anything, John loves what's best for business. If that's an opportunity for a younger guy to come up, like Bray Wyatt or someone like that, John loves that."

Well they handled that about as well as they could have, no?

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