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Still looking for El Rey network on your channel guide? Watch full video of Lucha Undergrond's fantastic Johnny Mundo (John Morrison) vs. Prince Puma (Ricochet) main event HERE!

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It's too early to tell whether Robert Rodriguez and Mark Burnett's new pro wrestling venture, Lucha Underground, will make much of a splash on the scene. Heck, a lot of us are still trying to figure out if DIY movie mogul Rodriguez's new channel, El Rey Network, which airs the show Wednesday nights at 8PM (a Spanish language version airs Saturdays at 4PM on UniMás - a network owned by El Rey funder Univision) is even on our cable systems.

Thanks to Cagesider Manolo Has Pizzazz, we have a rundown and review of the initial episode, which was broadcast on October 29th. And now, thanks to the El Rey Network's YouTube channel, we have full video of the best part of that inaugural episode - the nearly twenty minute main event between Johnny Mundo (former WWE Superstar John Morrison) and Prince Puma (independent star Ricochet).

Backstory for the match is not necessary to enjoy the work the two do, but the main conceit of LU thus far is that owner Dario Cueto has offered $100,000 to the man or woman who impresses him the most. Puma is Konnan's protege, who is interested in Cueto's money, but wary of the man. Mundo is the big star brought in by the owner under the guise of winning the money, but with an ultimate goal of humbling the cocky American and making an example out of him.

Check out their match and let us know what you think. And, if you found El Rey on your box, if you plan to check out LU this upcoming Wednesday.