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Stephanie McMahon talks 2K15, Sting in WWE

We're inching closer to the release of WWE 2K15. In anticipation of it, Stephanie McMahon talked about the game and the prospect of Sting in a WWE ring.

"The WWE 2K15 video game is truly remarkable, and because of its detail, because of the authenticity of the graphics, of the storylines, I think it represents the WWE Universe impeccably.

"The WWE's gaming audience is a crucial part of the WWE Universe. What we all share at our core is our love of WWE storylines and content. And this is one incredibly unique way to present it, relive it, play it, and create it.

"What's so cool is that our fans will have the ability to recreate any of these great rivalries but especially the ones that are showcased as a part of 2K's showcase. 2K is an incredible partner for WWE and, like WWE, it continues to evolve every single day.

"One of the greatest superstars of all time to never grace the WWE ring was Sting. And all I can say is that I am thrilled to have him a part of WWE 2K15, and who knows what the future holds?"

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