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Let's watch Nikki Bella and John Cena argue over a sex scene in a movie (Video)

Surely this will make you tune in on Sunday night!

Some of you watch Total Divas. Many of you do not. The video above is a preview clip for one of the two new episodes scheduled to air this coming Sunday night (Oct. 12, 2014) on the E! channel. It features Nikki Bella arguing with her boyfriend, John Cena, over a sex scene he shoots in a movie, apparently with comedian Amy Schumer.

I've taken the time to transcribe this because I'm a glutton for punishment:

Nikki: "So are you excited about your movie?"

John: "I am. I think it's going to be not only a good opportunity but it's going to be very fun to do."

Nikki: "Do you know exactly what you're doing yet?"

John: "I do. The movie is about the life of Amy Schumer and I'm like a over-committed, supposed boyfriend. There's a few hysterical scenes where I'm like overly obsessive. It's actually truly funny. There's a hysterical sex scene involved."

Nikki: "You have a sex scene?"

John: "Yes. Yes."


John: "You okay?"

Nikki: "Yeah."

John: "Okay. You just got real quiet all of a sudden."

Nikki: "You booked the movie and I was excited for you but you never said anything to me about a sex scene. I'm not okay with full nudity."

John: "It's partial nudity."

Nikki: "You weren't going to tell me?"

John: "I just did."

Nikki: "Okay, well how long did you know about it? You hid it from me..."

John: "I am not hiding anything from you because we are talking about it."

Nikki: "Did it take you about a month to tell me?"

John: "Correct. I apologize for not telling you the very second I found out about it. I'm telling you now."

Nikki: "Like, when are you going to ever include me when you make decisions?"

John: "You know what? I guess I just jumped to the conclusion that you would be proud and supportive..."

Nikki: "I am proud of you, John."

John: "...when I should have asked."

Nikki: "A sex scene is a big deal, John; it's a big deal. Naked bodies touching, and kissing, and doing all that. There's still something and you have to put..."

John: "There is no kissing."

Nikki: "...okay, but you have to put yourself in that position."

John: "It is 100-percent comedic."

Nikki: "You're naked with another person that you have to pretend you like. I just hope you respect me in whatever it is you do."

John: "I'm going to do it. So where does that put us?"

Nikki: "I know, because you would choose one little sex scene over our relationship. I guess that's the crazy thing to me."

John: "No, the crazy thing is you would our relationship on..."

Nikki: "I would never ... Go ask a bunch of women and see if they would be okay with their man having a sex scene."

John: "Well, maybe I'm not with the right woman. Maybe that's the deal."

Nikki: "Wow."

For those who may not know, this show is super produced, so it's entirely possible this is a manufactured issue specifically for the purposes of shooting this scene to maintain the story arc that these two have a sometimes tumultuous relationship due to a variety of issues.

Are you intrigued or feeling resolute in your decision to avoid this show at all costs (because there doesn't seem to be an in between in this case)?

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