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Video: Paul Heyman dark segment promo from SmackDown taping in Philadelphia

During the special 15th Anniversary "SmackDown" taping last night in Philadelphia, Paul Heyman appeared to cut a promo just after "Main Event". Normally, this would have been a "dark segment", or something that only the live crowd would see and it would never make air, save for maybe a video release at a later date. Well, for whatever reason, WWE decided to release video of it just hours after it happened, still days away from "SmackDown" airing on SyFy. Enjoy some Paul Heyman in your lives.

"Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman and it is fitting that we bring the 15th Anniversary of SmackDown to Philadelphia. I'm not one that lives his life looking to the past but if I did I would tell you it is a known fact I was the greatest General Manager in the history of SmackDown. But I don't look in the past; I look to the future. If I did look in the past, I would tell you the greatest era of SmackDown was when it was known as Paul Heyman's SmackDown. But, of course, I don't look in the past, I look to the future. For example, I look towards Hell in a Cell when your hero, John Cena, has to fight Dean Ambrose where the winner gets to fight Seth Rollins.

"Now, what I like about The Authority's decision here is if John Cena can get by Dean Ambrose -- and John Cena can't get by Dean Ambrose -- but just to make all the little kids here tonight that go 'let's go, Cena', just to make them happy, if John Cena gets by Dean Ambrose he has to fight a fresh Seth Rollins inside Hell in a Cell and no way in hell John Cena gets by Seth Rollins inside that Cell.

"My point is it all continues the downward spiral of John Cena that was started the moment he was beaten, victimized, and conquered by my client, the reigning, defending, undisputed WWE heavyweight champion of the world, Brock Lesnar.

"Now that's extreme."

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