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JBL Not Cole Show Episode 101: Halloween Special (Video)

The JBL (Not Cole) Show is back for episode 101 (watch episode 100 here) and here's everything that goes down throughout the course of the 5:58 of what has fast become the best show WWE produces week in and week out (not called NXT):

- Dean Ambrose warns us of the danger that lies ahead. We will see disturbing images, even to a guy like him.

- "Nightmare on Clem Street"

- Clem just feels so good today. Suddenly, he's run down by a van and has to escape inside the arena. Once there,he finds a tricycle to drive off with. He runs into The Usos. "Clem, you want to play?"

- Jimmy Uso remembers they did this gag last year. "They couldn't come up with no better stuff?"

- Clem opens a door to find Dolph Ziggler spraying tanner on Zack Ryder while arguing over that superkick from last week. "Get out of here, bro!"

- Scott Armstrong rolls up to the arena with Billy Kidman. More nonsense about his Twitter.

- JBL and Zeb Colter are wondering what the hell is wrong with Clem Layfield. Colter is dressed up as a kitten for Halloween.

- Clem hears Renee Young's voice telling him to step into the light. So he steps into a light. She laughs.

- Clem is tied up. It's Gold & Stardust!


Cesaro's one-liner of the week: "I bet, like me, you thought this was going to be a treat; instead, you got tricked into watching another episode of the JBL Show. Ha ha ha."

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