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Video: Sheamian Mizdow steals the show on Main Event

He's done it again.

Main Event is a filler show WWE continues putting on because it hardly costs anything to produce. It's rare anything of note happens week in and week out, but every now and again we get something worth passing along.

Like Sheamian Mizdow.

It's not lost on us -- and hopefully everyone backstage at WWE -- that Damien Sandow continues to steal the show every single time he appears on television. This program between Sheamus and Miz is leading to a match over the United States championship but the wider appeal is what genius we'll see from Sandow next.

Perhaps one day Miz will win a title with Sandow's help, Sandow will realize he's no longer the bit player in this movie, and he'll rise up to become the star he so clearly is and take the leading role.

One day, dear Cagesiders.

One day.

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