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Video: CM Punk talks leaving WWE soon, Michelle Beadle incident, Ultimate Warrior, and more!

CM Punk talks to Ariel Helwani and spills the beans on his contract status with WWE, whether or not he'll re-sign when his deal is done in July, the story behind the Michelle Beadle incident, wanting to induct Ultimate Warrior into the Hall of Fame, and more!

On wanting to induct Ultimate Warrior into the Hall of Fame:

"I was curious as to who was inducting the Ultimate Warrior into the Hall of Fame because he's a lot like me, he doesn't like anybody and everybody who ever worked with him has pretty much just talked shit about him. So I'm kind of fascinated. I think popular opinion is Hogan's going to do it but they hate each other. I threw my name in the hat. (I doubt I get it) but I said I would love to induct the Ultimate Warrior."

On possibly retiring when his contract expires in July:

"I don't know. Everything's up in the air. Plus, if I say 'yes' and I don't, then I was lying. If I say 'no' and I re-sign, then I was full of shit. ... I think I'm just going to dance around that question. I don't know, we'll see what happens."

On the Michelle Beadle incident at Tribute to the Troops:

"A bunch of horseshit. I don't know what a lie was. I thought me and Beadle were pals. She had this group of women and they walked past me and she said some disrespectful shit and I was just like 'whoa'. My girlfriend pulled her aside in front of this same group of people and was like, and she introduced herself, and she was like 'Don't be disrespectful to my boyfriend' and Beadle just went 'okay', and walked away and that was it. ... She walked by and said 'what's up fuck-face' and high-fived one of the girls."


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