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WWE Top 10 Video: Famous Firings

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One of the greatest gimmicks Vince McMahon ever created was one he used himself. Indeed, there may not be anything more entertaining in pro wrestling, at least not in WWE, than the Chairman of the Board future endeavoring an employee.

Above is the latest WWE Top 10 video showcasing famous firings.

10. Paul Heyman
9. Big Show
8. Mick Foley
7. Chris Jericho
6. Vickie Guerrero
5. John Laurinaitis
4. Bobby Heenan
3. Stone Cold Steve Austin
2. Shawn Michaels
1. Eric Bischoff

Certainly not a bad list. I would have liked the inclusion of when he fired Donald Trump, or that one time he fired the entire audience, but it's good nonetheless.

Your thoughts?