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Video: Mark Henry talks John Cena loss, his future plans, the WWE locker room

Peter Rosenberg conducted an epic hour long interview with Mark Henry recently covering his recent loss to John Cena, his future plans, and the WWE locker room. Check out the video right here.

Mark Henry sits down with Peter Rosenberg for an epic hour long interview covering a ton of topics, including his tapout loss to John Cena at Money in the Bank, what the future holds for him, how he became one of the best heels in the business, the WWE locker room, and so much more.

He goes over taking a 50-percent pay cut, which may or may not be true but he sure talks about it like it is, and that being the catalyst to his turning his career around. He claims WWE told him he wasn't a main event talent, and they saw him as a mid-card act so they wanted to restructure his deal. That led to a complete shift in attitude, both on screen and backstage and in the locker room, where "assholes" who tested him in the past would no longer get away with it.

He also talks about mentoring certain wrestlers, who has a future in the industry and so much more. It's an awesome interview, so listen to it all.

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