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Video: WWE Top 10 'Leaps of Faith', or 'these people are insane'

WWE is back with another countdown Top 10 list and this one is breaking down the greatest "leaps of faith" of all time. That means lot of big crazy spots from some truly insane people. YES!

WWE is back with another Top 10 and this one is a goodie: The Top 10 Leaps of Faith in WWE history. Let's not waste any time with the formalities and get right to the list:

10. Brock Lesnar jumps Big Show from a forklift to the ring at Judgement Day 2003

This is notable if only for the fact that whomever did the editing for this video misspelled the word Judgement on the graphic in the lower right corner. I do remember watching this and marveling at how athletic Lesnar is for being such a mammoth of a man.

9. Rey Mysterio cross body's everybody in a steel cage match on SmackDown in 2002

The perfect kind of high impact move that should have been done more often in the Attitude Era when the Hardy Boyz were defying death. Mysterio flies from high off the cage but executes a cross body that sees him caught by two opponents. Looks good and is as safe as possible.

8. Psicosis leg drops Rey Mysterio from the top rope to the guard rail at ECW One Night Stand 2005

Another instance of a move looking really powerful and fairly insane but actually being relatively safe and easy to execute. Still probably hurt like hell, though.

7. Jeff Hardy Swanton Bombs a table at SummerSlam 2000

With the benefit of hindsight, the fact that Jeff Hardy is still alive is amazing. Some of the bumps he took, like this one, defy all logic. Bubba Ray Dudley was hanging out on a table and Hardy goes to hit a Swanton off the very top of the ladder as it wobbles underneath his weight. Just as he jumps, though, Bubba moves and Hardy is left to hit only table, which breaks, and then the unforgiving floor.

6. Evan Bourne gets Air Bourne off a ladder at Money in the Bank 2011

Another instance of a really cool looking high impact spot that was totally safe for all the performers involved. Essentially just a cluster of guys all gathered together and Bourne flying through the air hitting a Shooting Star Press as the group catches him. Super effective spot.

5. CM Punk puts Chris Jericho through the Spanish announce desk at Extreme Rules 2012

This has become a staple spot of any big battle Punk has been in during his run with WWE since he started using Macho Man's Flying Elbow Drop. This was a Chicago Street Fight in Chicago with the WWE title on the line. Good a time as any to pull out a big spot.

4. Super Crazy hits a moonsault off a balcony at ECW One Night Stand 2005

This is just fucking insane.

3. Jimmy Snuka flies off the steel cage to hit the Superfly Splash at Madison Square Garden in 1983

You've heard all about this spot and if you haven't, just listen to Mick Foley speak for longer than two minutes and it will definitely come up. Very cool for what it represented during its time period.

2. Edge spears Jeff Hardy from a huge ass ladder while Hardy hangs suspended in the air at WrestleMania 17

Having seen this spot about 831 times, my brain should really have a firm grasp on it but I still can't fathom that this is a thing that actually took place. Edge basically spears a guy in mid-air except he had to jump off a gigantic ladder to do it and Hardy was hanging off two belts that were suspended high above the ring. The landing is absolutely brutal, especially for Hardy.

1. Shane McMahon elbow drops Big Show off the stage set at Backlash 2001

All you really need to know about this is that Shane McMahon is a crazy person. He completely broke kayfabe up at the top of the stage set up by literally praying to god that he wouldn't die in the ensuing fall. Most normal people would never let it get to that point, but this crazy person simply shrugged his shoulders and jumped anyway. He's still alive, by the way, hanging in China.

That's the list, Cagesiders. Thoughts?

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