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Video: WWE names top 10 heel turns in history

WWE is back with another countdown video, this one listing the top 10 heel turns in history. Yeah, this should be real good.

There is perhaps no greater storytelling tool in professional wrestling than the "turn." Whether that be a good guy turning bad or a bad guy turning good, it has sustained the industry for generations and generations. It is central to everything promotions do.

And it doesn't get much better than a good heel turn.

That's why we're so quick to jump all over the latest WWE Countdown video showcasing the top 10 heel turns in history. Let's get right to the list:

10. Lita turns on Kane on Raw in 2005
9. Batista turns on Rey Mysterio at Bragging Rights 2009
8. CM Punk turns on The Rock at Raw 1000
7. Stephanie McMahon turns on her father at Armageddon 1999
6. Paul Bearer turns on Undertaker at SummerSlam 1996
5. Owen Hart turns on Bret Hart at Royal Rumble 1994
4. Andre the Giant turns on Hulk Hogan on Superstars in 1987
3. Triple H turns on Shawn Michaels on Raw in 2002
2. Shawn Michaels turns on Marty Janetty on Wrestling Challenge in 1992
1. Hulk Hogan joins the nWo at Bash at the Beach 1996

Well, numbers one and two are right but everything else looks completely wonky to me.


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