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Video: John Cena FINALLY turns heel

Yeah, this is a real thing that happened. John Cena finally turned heel, you guys.

Oh, John Cena, you prankster, you. Well played.

"Watch me work here. Can that camera pan down? Can it see my shoes? I'm going to satisfy every uber-wrestling critic, fanatic of John Cena right now. Catch the shoes, listen to the audio. Did you just see that? Did you just see that? This is John Cena turning heel. See what I just did there? Now everybody is satisfied, we can all go back to work, watch, and enjoy the show."

The interview with Cena starts at the 11:37 mark. You can also see interviews with Mark Henry and a scrum with CM Punk that doesn't last long but features some great quotes, some of which we got here.


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