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Video: Fandangoing reaches Houston Texans cheerleaders practice

"Fandangoing" has become a thing and it is stretching much further than anyone could have possibly predicted or imagined, like Houston Texans cheerleaders practices.

For all his faults and eccentricities, every now and again Vince McMahon just hits on an idea for a storyline or a character or a gimmick that somehow works wonderfully despite the fact that, on paper, it seems ridiculous and destined for nothing but failure and ridicule.

Case in point: Fandango.

He's a cocky, flamboyant dancer who is obsessed with people pronouncing his name correctly. That's the character. It got no reaction at first, then got some heat, then Chris Jericho came into the mix and gave it his magic touch, and then WWE hit New Jersey for WrestleMania and all the smark fans from around the world hit town and it took off.

The hive like mind of pro wrestling fans then created what is now known as "Fandangoing," which is, quite simply, dancing and singing along to Fandango's theme song.

Kudos to legendary WWE composer Jim Johnston for making one so memorable.

This new "craze," if you can call it that, isn't likely to hit Harlem Shake levels -- and that's probably a good thing -- but at least it has reached as far as Houston Texans cheerleading practice and given us the video you see above.


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