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WWE debuts new YouTube show 'Behind the Match'; episode one features Antonio Cesaro vs. The Miz

Hey, look, a new exclusive YouTube series from WWE! And hey, it's much better than most of the old shows that recently got cancelled. Actually, it's a brilliant idea called "Behind the Match." Come check it out and see.

Put simply, this is a brilliant idea for a new YouTube exclusive web series now that the old shows like "Outside the Ring" and "Superstar Toys" have been put out to pasture. In fact, this might even be better than the dearly departed "Are You Serious."

It's the debut episode of "Behind the Match," a new show that features a WWE superstar watching video of a particular match he participated in and running commentary over it. Simple and to the point with a nice little behind-the-scenes peek while also providing a different look at a match that may not have been as interesting otherwise.

The first episode of the series features The Miz commentating his match against Antonio Cesaro from the Feb. 18, 2013, episode of Monday Night Raw that saw him win with what he called "a perfectly executed" Figure Four Leglock.


Miz's commentary is done in kayfabe and it's possible that's how the series will remain but let's hope they realize how much more mileage they could get out of this show by letting the wrestlers actually let us in on a few things we couldn't know without their telling us, such as CM Punk battling the flu during his classic match with John Cena this past week on Raw.

Until the next one.

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